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Wind Harp first shown at Maker Faire 2008

The wind harp was displayed at Maker Faire and Robogames during 2008.  A fan was placed nearby to blow across the strings to make it play.  Visitors to my display can change the wind patterns to the harp by blocking the air stream and make it play differently. Overall size 42 inches long by 5 inches wide.

Windsonics, my first album of songs done in stereo.

6 strings using guitar strings
Scale lenght 25.5 inches
Homemade Humbucking pickup
Construction using Red Oak, Brass, and Steel
Tuning scale adjustable with standard guitar tuners.

PDF of Preamp Schematic

PDF of AC controller for fan (for Maker Faire Demos)
Photos during construction

The Wind Harp won the Gold at Robogames 08 Musical Artbot Competition.

My recordings of the windharp are available at Soundclicks.  Use the player below.
Music is made totally by the wind blowing across the strings, no human plays the wind harp!

A typical waveform recorded using Goldwave and screen captured with  MWSnap 3

Spectrogram "Southwind"

Visual Analyizer 10 was used to capture this spectrogram (freeware)

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