Crutch Pod

A telescope tripod made from crutches

I saw an article titled "Your Own tripod, Cheap! " by Doug Nelle on the internet
at the University Lowbrow Astronomers website.

Cheap it is. Total cost less than $10 using some hardware and stuff I already had.
Crutches were $.98 for each pair (with one spare leg left over) at a local thrift store.
Aluminium legs are sturdy and adjustable.

I was impressed enough to make one for use with my Meade ETX-60
The following are a series of photos showing construction.

Tripod without center support
3-1/2 inch wide fiberglass channels for attaching legs to base.

1/2 inch PVC pipe for leg stabilizing.

Center stabilizer disconnects at center and folds down for transport.
A 3/8 inch bolt connects the three legs together at the eyebolts
on the ends of each stabilizer.

Legs folds together for easy transport. Wrap a bungie cord or velcro at end to sucure.

Base plate made for the ETX-60 telescope fits on top.

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