Mood Beam Autopsy 

I got one of these "Mood Beam" interactive toys at K-Mart for 5 bucks. I've seen them on the internet for up to 100 bucks!

The Mood Beam has multicolor leds inside that will put on a light show depending what mode its in. One mode causes the lights to flash with music.

Like my I-dog Autopsy, I wanted to see if I can modify this toy into an artbot.  My plan is to use a Picaxe microprocesser to activate the mode button at different times during the day. An external power source will be used to replace the batteries. The mood beam can play all day on my desk and flash its moods.

Hacking Ideas

Those solder blobs SL1,SL2,SL3 are used to set  the board for different models. This model is called "Surprised".
The model called "Silly" has blobs on SL1 and SL2.  These could be jumpered out with opto couplers controlled by a
Picaxe microcontroller.  A program can  periodically change the setting  from time to time.

CControl the functions by connecting a opto switch across these connections. The Picaxe can change the mode.

Connect an external source of 4.5 volts (LM317 regulator) to the battery connections. Or make it green with a solar powered power supply.
This will be a continuing project.  More to come.

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