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Joule Thief Artbots

A popular circuit for electronic hobbyists called a "Joule Thief" has been making the rounds on the Internet.


When your batteries go dead, there is still energy or "joules" still left in that battery. Instead of simply tossing
 it out to get recycled, why not squeeze out the remaning joules of life to do something useful.

With the Joule Thief circuit you can light a white led till the battery is down to .2 volts. Use it for a night light, it will run for days.
 Then, when it is good and dead, give it to the trash collector to get recycled.

A simple enough circuit that can be modified to do different things. You can take apart a CFL energy saving bulb to get the ferrite core.
Q1 can be subsituted with a Supertex TN0702N3-G mosfet from Mouser.

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