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Mayan Counting Clock

I wanted to make a clock that counts "Mayan" and with segment digits simular to the count-down device in the movie Predator.

Mayans used 3 symbols in there counting system. Single marks would count from 1 to 4. A bar under the marks would be a weight of 5 and another special symbol would count as a zero.  The Mayans recognized the value of a zero.  As charactors on a clock, the system would be like this:

Counting from left to right, starting at the top line is zero to nine.

Zero is represented by a single segment at the 7 o'clock position.

Starting at 6 o'clock, we count 1 to 4 moving counter-clockwise.

At the 12 o'clock position we have a weight of 5. Think of it as a base 5 counting system.

Wikipedia link

As a clock, the layout would be like this:

Left to right: 10's hours, hours, 10's minutes, minutes.
Buttons are for setting the time.

A PIC 16F84A is used for the clock. A 16F628 can also be used with different source code.



To code the project, I found source code with a look-up table that could be modified.  Unfortunately it was not free.  The source code was cheap and only a few dollars.  Quite a good deal considering how much work is involved. Source code is available for both 16F84A and 16F628A PICs.

I found the code at the site of Jose Pinos at this link.

To make it display Mayan, you will need to make these changes to the source code and recompile using MPLAB.

Next I want to mount it in an arm-mounted device like the Predator Count-Down-Destruct-Device. What a wild and unique wrist watch it would make.

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